Florida Workers' Compensation Calculators

Indemnity Benefits

Calculate TTD benefits, TPD benefits, IB benefits, Penalties and Interest on past-due compensation.

Hartman Language

Generate language for use in a joint petition under § 440.20(12), Fla. Stat., that will spread the claimant's net indemnity settlement over the course of his or her lifetime.

Attorney's Fees

Calculate a statutory attorney's fee under § 440.34, Fla. Stat., or a Miles fee based on the dollar amount of benefits obtained.

WC Lien

Calculate the amount of an employer/carrier's workers' compensation lien under § 440.39, Fla. Stat., against the proceeds of a claimant's third-party liability claim.

Social Security Offset

Calculate a Social Security disability offset in accordance with § 440.15(9), Fla. Stat., Fla. R. Admin. P. 69L-3.0194 and 69L-3.01945, and Form DFS-F2-DWC-33.

Life Expectancy

Calculate a claimant's life expectancy based on the U.S. Life Tables (2010).